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Making the Right Choice of Dentures in Laval and Montreal

Christian Laflamme and his team are happy to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding the installation of partial or full dentures. Learn more by reading the FAQ below.

Q: Why choose immediate dentures?

A: An immediate denture is placed in the mouth immediately after extraction of natural teeth. In this way, the patient need not remain without teeth while the gums heal. Having immediate dentures greatly facilitates the patient's adaptation to their new prosthesis. Of course, the dentures will have to be readjusted during the year and finally replaced with conventional dentures.

Q: Why remove my dentures when I go to sleep?

A: Aside from a few exceptions, it is best to remove dentures at night to let the mucosa underneath them rest and re-oxygenate.

Q: I have pain in my gums, what can I do?

A: The pain is often caused by the friction of ill-fitting dentures on your gums. Perhaps the dentures need to be adjusted or changed. If your dentures are new or recent, discomfort can be part of the adaptation period, but you should still have them adjusted by your denturist.

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